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First People is a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated online First Nations talent network designed and co-built by self-taught Indigenous developers from Western Australia over the course of 2 years.

The First People platform bridges the accessibility gap between employers and Indigenous talent around the country by establishing a centralised network of First Nations people, allowing employers to discover candidates with their desired employee criteria. The platform allows Indigenous job seekers to create a profile to showcase their skills, experience and education to potential employers. This allows our people to stand out in the job market and increase their chances of finding sustainable employment.

Employers can manage their entire recruitment process from within their First People dashboard, whilst also creating their own profiles to create credibility and to showcase their company details to potential employees across the country. With features such as a dashboard, employer/talent messaging, appointment setting, interactive jobs map, interactive employer map and a HelpHub, the First People platform will greatly assist our people on their paths to success.

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